About Company
Healthcare Is Broken We're on a Mission to Save It ! Crowd sharing isn’t new. From days of old, whole communities have been joining forces to help a fellow neighbor in need or attend to a sudden health emergency, pooling together their resources for the common good. The saying: “There is strength in numbers” rings loud and true, and it forms the basis for why we do what we do at Life Engineering. We are the first app in Malaysia that crowd shares medical fees to reduce rising medical costs in our society, and help cover your hospitalization fees when you need it the most! We are not an insurance agency, we don’t sell medical cards. Call us the agents of philanthropy—driven by conscience, not just the need to save exorbitant healthcare costs nor find convenience. With more conscience-led individuals like YOU getting onboard Life Engineering to help each other, and engineer a better future together, we truly believe the world can be a better place and lives can be saved and improved. Join us as a Life Engineering sharer today.

Why Life Engineering is different from any other medical coverage?
First in Malaysia First medical fees crowd sourcing app of its kind in Malaysia We are the country’s pioneer medical fees crowd sharing app which helps cover members’ hospitalisation fees and crowd shares medical costs for a maximum cap of RM50 a month per member. While crowd sharing isn’t a new concept and has been practiced for ages, we’ve turned the idea into a unique platform that enables greater mass participation and medical costs reduction.
Partnership Trusted partners and reliable support in your time of need We have formed strategic partnerships with e-MAS to ensure fair, fast and trusted operations. e-MAS is a recognised medical billing claims administration solutions company (Professional Medical Auditor).
Regulation Transparent, above-board operations and communications All crowd shared medical cases will be published and made known to the public under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). No hidden costs are involved such as commision, administration and operation fees. Only legitimate cases approved and audited by our Professional Medical Auditor, e-MAS, will be crowd shared.
Crowd Share There is strength in numbers Through crowd sharing and the pooling of resources for the common good, we believe we can help everyone gain access to medical care and lower society’s overall medical costs until it’s eventually FREE. Access to good medical care is everybody’s right and not just for the privileged.
We Care For You Healthcare awareness and education Through our healthcare initiatives and communications, we aim to promote a better quality of life through continuous education of a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention measures.
Am I Eligible?

Malaysian Only

This Program is open to any individual Malaysian of any race and ethnicity who are residing in Malaysia. However, only Medical Expenses incurred in Malaysia and provided by or under the direction of a Panel Hospital are eligible for sharing under this Program.

Age 6 - 40

This Program is available to healthy individual aged between 6 years and 40 years. Life Engineering may gradually and from time to time expand the age limit of this Program to include those aged below 6 or above 40 years subject to the different ratio of Monthly Share Pledge that reflects their respective health risk due to age.

Currently Healthy & ActiveCurrently Healthy & Active

A person’s health status may affect on his eligibility to join this Program. A person is required to disclose any Pre-Existing Condition to Life Engineering during the signing up process.

Honest Community Player

Sharers are required to make a list of declarations about their health condition and lifestyle as well as fully understand the core principles of the Program in immediate disqualification, This is to ensure all sharers share same spirit of connecting individuals passionate about improving the way the communit live by sharing each other’s burden and caring about each other’s well being particularly in the area of healthcare.